Kyocera's HyPAS Teaching Assistant Solution Enabled This School District To Scan and Grade Tests Immediately

Kyocera Education Case Study


A small school district with only three schools (one elementary, one Junior High, and one High School) was struggling with the unreliability of aging devices, high printing costs, and manual test grading process.


The district had nine older competitor devices which were up for renewal.  Their cost per page and maintenance costs were very high, and they were looking to replace these aging and unreliable devices.  The district was also using Scantron for grading tests, which required a central location for the Scantron station and required teachers to travel to that central location in order to grade their students’ tests. 


The After an assessment, the dealership placed nine Kyocera A3 devices, and a demonstration of Kyocera’s HyPAS Teaching Assistant was performed.  The Superintendent made an on-the-spot decision to add a licensed copy of the Teaching Assistant application on each device, allowing teachers to scan and grade tests immediately.  The district was also impressed that since Teaching Assistant is an embedded app that runs on a Kyocera MFP, it requires no network resources or IT support – and no server software to install or PC to connect.  The teachers and staff were very pleased with its intuitive touch screen operation.  The rollout was done over the summer break, and the installation was a joint effort between the dealership and the district IT staff.  Only minimal hands-on training for the staff was required, due to its intuitive user panel and ease of use.


The district is saving approximately $5,000 a year on printing with the new Kyocera devices.  A substantial amount of money is also being saved with our Teaching Assistant HyPAS application vs. Scantron.  No more Scantron annual maintenance costs, no more Scantron preprinted forms and no more excess space for storage needed.  And, the teachers no longer have to spend the time and expense to travel to a Scantron-equipped school for grading.


This was a win-win situation for the school district and Kyocera.  A considerable amount of time and money has been saved by the district with nine Kyocera HyPAS-enabled devices performing the work…quickly, easily, and efficiently.

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