Kyocera's CentraQ Helped Fully Mobilize This Government Agency's On-The-Go Printing

Kyocera Government Case Study


Responsible for managing and maintaining toll roads, bridges and tunnels (as well as acquiring, constructing and operating turnpike projects), this government agency operates as a division within the State.  Their main concern was how to fully mobilize users for their printing requirements, since many of the employees are required to travel between sites and offices.


The agency had 80 competitor devices, consisting of both MFPs and single function printers.  The entire fleet was configured for printing; however it lacked the functionality required for a largely mobile workforce.  The agency not only required a solution that would allow for user print mobility, giving the users the capability of printing jobs from any of their locations, but they also lacked the convenience and benefits obtained from having one manufacturer for all of their devices; especially a manufacturer like Kyocera, which is well equipped for the mandatory requirements of state agencies and contracts.


The agency equipped their workforce with tablets, phones and mobile hotspots, but soon realized that this was not enough to fully mobilize their users for their mobile printing requirements.  The Kyocera business solutions consultant and Kyocera authorized dealer VP met with the agency.  CentraQ was recommended, which minimized the risk of unauthorized access to confidential documents left at the device.  It also allowed a network-connected smartphone, equipped with a QR reader, to readily access and release secured jobs on any supported Kyocera MFP or printer.  Kyocera further recommended utilizing the remote secure print release feature, which allowed the agency to release documents across multiple sites and allowed users to travel and securely print from any location.  


(55) Kyocera A3 MFPs and (37) Color A4 Printers have been purchased, together with 92 CentraQ licenses.  Additionally, the SharePoint Connector has been installed on two of the new devices.  As users become comfortable with the process of scanning to SharePoint, the Connector will be implemented on more of the Kyocera fleet.  The feedback from users has been very positive, and they are very happy with the secure, easy-to-use, and streamlined method of scanning, browsing, storing and retrieving documents with SharePoint Connector and the remote secure print release feature of CentraQ.  


The customer chose Kyocera products and services to replace ALL of its aging competitor devices within a rollout period-- the Kyocera dealer took the initiative to go beyond the MFP, focusing heavily on the specific workflow and the needs of the agency.  The agency was very pleased with the dealer’s approach and desire to fully understand their job processes and their ability to successfully solve the agency’s business pains.

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KYOCERA Document Solutions America offers an award-winning range of device technology and integrated business process improvement solutions that work together seamlessly. From desktop printers and multifunctional printers to robust color and black & white multifunctional products and business applications, our solutions turn otherwise complex data and document workflows into simple, efficient processes.

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