Square 9 Connector

Product Overview

Automating Paper Intensive Processes

Managing paper-intensive tasks has become imperative for businesses of all sizes, as they strive to facilitate processes through automation. For companies using Square 9 document management software, Kyocera offers an easy and efficient way to seamlessly store scanned hardcopy documents, through its Square 9 Connector business application.

Kyocera’s Square 9 Connector streamlines the process of storing documents in their Global Search solution. Easy to install, the application allows any HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFP to function as a secure portal to the system, giving users full navigation, indexing, and searching capabilities across all their scanned and stored documents. They can access common scanning destinations, as well as quickly search through archives and index lists to locate and print documents on demand, directly from the MFP’s control panel.

Square 9 Connector for your KYOCERA MFP

With Kyocera’s Square 9 connector, users can easily navigate, index and search across their Square 9 Global Capture stored Documents from the MFP’s control panel.

  • Priority display puts frequently used archives at the top of the list, minimizing search time spent by the end user
  • Card authentication enables users to log in using proximity cards, eliminating the need for manual entry of Square 9 log in credentials
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) lets users log into a secure Kyocera HyPAS MFP and Kyocera’s Square 9 Connector with one swipe of their registered proximity card
  • USB Keyboard support provides faster text entry and indexing
  • Thumbnail previews of documents allows users to easily identify documents for printing

General Information

Version 1.0
License type Server
Application type HyPAS Embedded
Software Solutions Category Document Management
Description Square 9 Connector allows users to access documents on their Square 9 Server directly from their HyPAS-enabled KYOCERA MFP, streamlining the process of storing documents in their Global Search solution.
Device Requirements Network Connected Kyocera HyPAS MFP
Mobile application No
Language Support English-Spanish
Compatibility All HyPAS Enabled & Capable MFPs
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